If you want the truth, talk to the youth

Teenagers don’t have discipline and neither a big attention span
Only interested in selfies, games and the batman
Youths and culture enthusiasts?
What a contrast
At least if you listen to some people
Sitting in their grown-up steeple

What I learned from mediation with youngsters
They are no art-hating monsters

Video works like Rafman’s
They understand, big fans
Dealing with virtual reality every day
I tell you, they could write an essay
Child’s play

On the third floor, sexuality is in the centre
What a pity they cannot enter
I’m convincing the teacher to let them in
Discussion finally can begin

Talking about transgender prostitutes
Silence, as if I stood in front of men in suits
A girl talks about her gay friend
And that at home he has to pretend
Teens still search for their personality
Linked also to their sexuality
So why forbid them to enter this floor
It opens an important discussion door

Manifesta deals with contemporary art
Trust me, Teenagers can take part
Dealing with art
Right from the start

Sandra Keller, Manifesta 11 art mediator

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