Art mediator about mediating music at Manifesta 11

Eelke van Koot, Kunstvermittler an der Manifesta 11 © Manifesta 11

Coming down from the stage and talking with the audience about the work of art – that is what I would like to do during Manifesta 11.
Working as a singer of classical music and opera, I’ve been a mediator of some kind, interpreting the art of composers and poets for an audience. On the lookout for possibilities to work with visual artists I came across the call for mediators at Manifesta. I immediately applied. I think that the visual and musical arts could collaborate more. This could lead to new ways of mediating music.
During the preparations for the guided tours, I got the opportunity to work with Mexican artist Mario Garcia Torres on his project for Manifesta 11. We met in a park in Zurich. Mario said that he wants to create a joint venture with an opera singer. He explained his ideas to me and I introduced him to different styles of classical music. The next step was to create a text, which gradually became a song. A recording of this song will be presented at the exhibition in Löwenbräukunst and also on radio GDS.FM – a satellite of Mario’s project. 

An encounter with a piece of music in the setting of a museum is an unusual experience for the audience. In my guided tours I will explore the ways in which music can be mediated.

Eelke van Koot, Manifesta 11 art mediator