Manifesta 11 Art Detectives

Manifesta 11 Art Detectives – students of Zurich’s high schools - take the role of mediators between artists, their hosts and the public. These teenagers were the first witnesses of the artist & host encounter, they interviewed them and introduced to the public the process of collaboration. The outcome of their work is a series of video films, which are shown at the Pavillon of Reflections throughout the biennial.

Taking this curatorial idea as a starting point, the Education department supports the teenagers’ experience in becoming a self-made journalist, mediator and presenter. A series of performative workshops were developed on the basis of Art Detectives experience and video films. Students analysed the camera work, dramatic composition of the interview, the narrative and questions as well as body language and behaviour of the interview participants. Students were challenged to conduct group interviews of their class devoted to various aspects of work and their future profession.
The workshop was developed with theater director and performer Miriam Coretta Schulte.


18 362 people participated
in the Manifesta 11
Education programme

The Education and Mediation programme is generously 
supported by Engagement Migros, Initiating Partner of Manifesta 11.

  • The art detective Alessio Meier and Stella Müller during the workshop at LIPSCHULE Zürich, 14 March 2016 © Manifesta 11

    What happens when artists team up with professionals? That’s what Manifesta 11 curator Christian Jankowski wanted his “art detectives” to find out.