Manifesta 11 Night

Friday, 26 August 2016, from 19:00, Sommerfest at Löwenbräukunst,
Free entrance

Manifesta Night is a one-night only special event at Löwenbräukunst. It will bring together Manifesta 11 artists and collaborators, local musicians and DJs, food projects, education activities and live performances to celebrate the biennial in Zurich.

Manifesta Night is a special project of the Manifesta 11 Education Programme, generously supported by Engagement Migros.

DJ Sets AND Performences

Kalabrese***Nadeeya & Skor (the diggnsacks) ***Ms. Hyde***Alex Dallas***David Suivez***Heinz Glanzmann 

with DJ sets and performances from Manifesta 11 artists... 
THE/DAS (ft. Mr. Grabby and the All Grab Superstars)***Carles Congost (The Congosound, Barcelona)***John Arnold (DJ debut, Berlin)***Steven Claydon (DJ set / visual performance, London)***Fermín Jiménez Landa (DJ set, Valencia)

and curators…
Francesca Gavin (DJ set, London/Berlin)***Christian Jankowski (DJ set, Berlin)

Performances from Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire...
Young Boy Dancing Group***Anastasios Logothetis (Athens / Stockholm)***HnC agency (Zurich)

and special projects by Manifesta 11 art mediators!


The/Das (Berlin)

Carles Congost (The Congosound, Barcelona), Manifesta 11 Artist

John Arnold (DJ set, Berlin), Manifesta 11 Artist

Steven Claydon (DJ set / visual performance, London), Manifesta 11 Artist

Fermín Jiménez Landa (DJ set, Valencia), Manifesta 11 Artist

Francesca Gavin (DJ set, London/Berlin), Manifesta 11 Co-Curator

Heinz Clanzmann


Alex Dallas

David Suivez

Nadeeya & Skor (the diggnsacks

Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire performances
During Manifesta Night, Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire will be closed, but selected artists will represent the guild house and perform throughout Löwenbräukunst:

Anastasios Logothetis 'Haircuts' (Athens/Stockholm)
For this performance, Logothetis invites his mother, who is a hairdresser, to perform haircuts on visitors at Manifesta Night. While she is cutting hair, Logothetis will be sitting next to the guests discussing the Greek economic crisis and promoting the need for a debt cut.

The haircutting significance is double-sided. On the one hand, it is a play on words. In Greek, the word haircut is used instead of debt cut. More importantly, however, a personal and more empathetic situation for discussing this economic issue is created. Hair salons have been known since ancient times as a space for relaxed chitchat. Anastasios is taking advantage of this to create an alternative way of conducting economic discourse that is more akin to a Mediterranean mentality.

Young Boy Dancing Group
Manifesta 11 guild master Manuel Scheiwiller will perform with Nils Amadeus Lange, Nicolas Roses and Vincent Riebeek as part of the Young Boy Dancing Group. The collective, on tour since 2014, is a company with open management and varying participating artists. Recent shows include the Lithuanian pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennial. For Manifesta Night, Young Boy Dancing Group will perform a laser show in the basement of Löwenbräukunst.

Teresa Vittucci, 'All Eyes On' (working title), hNc agency (Zurich)
The Manifesta 11 Parallel Event by the name of hNc agency is a live art/-ist agency that offers organisations, institutions and individuals the opportunity to commission and experience performance art outside of recognised and institutionalised channels. For Manifesta Night, hNc presents ALL EYES ON (working title) by Teresa Vittucci.
In one spot, a computer with an open Cam4 sex chat window and a projector screening Teresa Vittucci will be installed, while in another spot Vittucci will be hidden with her computer somewhere within the exhibition space, waiting for visitors to engage with her in a chat and ask her to perform whatever they like. It could be anything, from singing to contemporary dance or sexy moves. As the audience decides the content, the outcome of each performance is spontaneous and unpredictable.
Usually, Cam4 users 'privately' and virtually perform sexual acts for other chat users. For Manifesta night, Vittucci will perform in a supposedly private scenario but for a broader audience. This one-on-one performance will be screened to the rest of the exhibition attendants, who will participate with an observing role and to a virtual audience: other Cam4 chat members.

Special education projects

Flashlight Tours to Helmhaus
Manifesta 11 mediators will lead two groups of visitors (approx. 20 people per group) to Helmhaus for a special flashlight tour. Helmhaus is closed on the night, but these two groups will be exclusively lead around the spaces to experience the Manifesta 11 projects in the dark.

Performance by Eelke van Koot
Manifesta 11 art mediator and singer of classical music and opera, Eelke van Koot had the opportunity to work with Mexican artist Mario Garcia Torres on his project for Manifesta 11. The song van Koot will be performing for Manifesta Night is a text written by Mario Garcia Torres. The two composed the song together. Elke van Koot will perform the song in Kunsthalle, in the exhibition space of Mario Garcia Torres’ work 'The Artwork of the Future'.

Pop-up Mediation
Try and find our Manifesta 11 art mediators Astrid Näff, Lilian Straub, Renate Schaer, Valerie Thurner and Karen Geyer who will pop up throughout the evening to introduce the artworks of Teresa Margolles, Franz Erhard Walther, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Mike Bouchet and 'the Break Hour' (Historical Exhibition).

More Joint Ventures
Manifesta 11 curatorial sounding board members Adrian Notz (Director of Cabaret Voltaire) and Juri Steiner (Director and Curator of Dada 100) will introduce visitors to an artwork of their choice, in the form of … wait and see!

Food Projects
Manifesta 11 artist John Arnold researched key state banquets and other events of historical and diplomatic importance that took place in Switzerland, reinterpreting dishes from their original menus. As swanky state soirée meets simple street food, the tastes of the past make new connections in their current settings. The 'Imbissadors' and their regular clientele are brought together with embassy representatives, other politicians and anyone willing to take a bite, resulting in alternative forms of diplomacy and reconsiderations of history. Two 'Imbissies' have been invited to serve food and drinks to Manifesta Night guests: Yalla Habibi serving Lebanese specialities with well-known local streetfood supplier Palestine Grill.

In addition, the Banhmi Kitchen food truck will be present, serving Vietnamese street food, and LUMA Foundation’s schwarzescafé, a new café at Löwenbräukunst by Heimo Zobernig, will also be open.

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Season Opening Galleries Löwenbräuareal and others
from 18:00

Hauser & Wirth Zürich, 18:00 and 20:00
Performed by Florian Kaplick. On the occasion of the exhibition «Schwitters Miró Arp». Kurt Schwitters' URSONATE