Successfull closure of Manifesta 11 in Zürich

The Manifesta 11 team says thank you to

  • Nearly 200,000 visits of all age groups to the exhibitions in Löwenbräukunst, Helmhaus, Pavillon of Reflections and Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire that showed us how valuable our work was at 34 different sites during the 100 days
  • 18,346 participants of the mediation service, 8.729 participants on the tours, and 3.790 pupils and students who were active and interested conversation partners to our mediators and story tellers
  • 150 artists from all over the world, who created 30 exciting new productions between themselves and Zurich professionals
  • 30 professional hosts in Zurich who were real sparring partners to our artists from all over the world
  • 6.000 accredited preview-visitors from all over the world, whom celebrated the opening with us with much enthusiasm
  • 1.400 national and international media representatives, who critically reflected on our intentions and endeavours and offered us inspirational feedback
  • 156 partners and stakeholders without whom this would have not been possible
  • Over 500 performances at Cabaret Voltaire – Zunfthaus der Künstler, of which the artist group Gelitin and the singer Peaches were among the highlights
  • More than 200 events that had already accompanied the Manifesta 11 in advance of the opening
  • 38 Parallel Event projects that offered an exciting stage for the local art scene
  • 300 voluntary helpers, who were engaged in their work with enthusiasm and passion
  • 65 team members who gave their everything
  • 1 Pavillon of Reflections that was loved by Zurich’s inhabitants and always offered us a perfect platform for discussion and reflection
  • The weather that after all treated us very well
  • And you for your interest and attention!

Was the city of Zurich ready for Manifesta 11? And above all, was Manifesta 11 ready for for Zurich – that was the big question of the last months. Manifesta may have abstained from an actual content-related provocation, but that was possibly exactly right for a city such as Zurich.

The actual success of Manifesta 11 is arguably that this edition wove itself into the different structures of the city and included the population. That is also what differentiates a biennial like ours from the museum related and especially from the marked related sections of art. Through “What People Do for Money: Some Joint Ventures” Manifesta has once more anchored itself in Europe. We hope very much that the floating Pavillon of Reflections and also the Cabaret Voltaire as the guild of the artists will be of lasting significance so that the energy of Manifesta 11 will live on in the future. We look forward to seeing you again 2018 in Palermo.

Hedwig Fijen, Director of Manifesta