Aurélie Pittori: With a mediator out of your comfort zone

Manifesta 11 is aimed just as much at philistines as it is at art snobs. And I think that’s the way it should be. For me, contemporary art is a gift to us all and it performs a social function. If it is supposed to generate dialogue, there is not much point in a couple of intellectuals talking among themselves. Sadly, however, many people feel excluded when it comes to art. I want to get these people on board and show them that contemporary art is important for them, too. That is why I became an art historian and that is why I am working as an art educator at Manifesta 11. The aim of the collaborations at Manifesta 11 is also to build bridges. They stimulate dialogue between the artists and the different social groupings. They have already been very successful in achieving many aspects of that goal. My favourite works at Manifesta 11 include the drawings of Andrea Éva Győri. I like the way she approaches the taboo subjects of sexuality and masturbation. It is provocative in a very subtle way. Most people have to leave their comfort zones to discuss these topics. As an art educator, I can help them muster the courage to take that step.

(Foto: Susanne Grädel)