Magdalena Vollmer: Degusting historical banquets with M11 Art mediator

As a recent arrival, I aim to get acquainted with the city of Zurich’s DNA just like Manifesta. The role of art mediator suits me because my day job as a scenographer also involves mediation, simply of a different kind: I establish relations between space, light, people and visual elements. I am fascinated by concepts that also take account of the surroundings and create an echo. I am especially pleased to be presenting John Arnold’s art project. For Manifesta 11, he researched the menus at historical Swiss state and diplomats’ banquets and re-interpreted these dishes in co-operation with the chef Fabian Spiquel. During the biennial, these exquisite dinners will not be served at exclusive Zurich restaurants, but at fast food stands. I find this an exciting cross-over of social spaces because it offers us a different perspective and facilitates encounters between groups from society that might otherwise never meet.

Foto: Susanne Grädel