Only five weeks to go until the Opening

What Do You Do for Money? This is the key question at the core of the upcoming eleventh edition of Manifesta, the European biennial which opens this summer in Zurich, Switzerland. This key issue is being addressed by all Manifesta 11 participating artists making new commissions, most of whom visited Zurich multiple times to develop new works. People do work – and need work. Work is part of our identity, stimulates the circulation of money; and is how we cover our cost of living. But money is not our only currency. Read on to find out what this Manifesta is about.

The city of Zurich – with Lake Zurich and a backdrop of mountains: what better place to combine an interest in art with an outdoor experience? Manifesta 11 is positioned all over the city: in the working spaces of the Zurich citizens who undertook Joint Ventures with the artists, in institutional venues showing works by more than 200 artists, in the Manifesta 11 Parallel Events reflecting on the artistic activities in the city of Zurich and surrounding region, and at the Pavillon of Reflections, built especially for Manifesta 11 on Lake Zurich, which is destined to become the most popular meeting place this summer. During Manifesta 11's preview and opening days, Art Basel (16–19 June 2016) won’t be far away – just an hour by train. For our guests from abroad, now is the time to plan your journey and book a hotel room, as Zurich’s hotels are very popular in the summertime. Our official travel and accommodation partner Q-Events will be happy to help you organise everything.
Group tours are still available! How and when you will attend the biennial doesn't matter. Reserve your tickets now and special guided tours in advance! Our Manifesta 11 mediators with diverse professional backgrounds will show you the biennial and engage you in lively conversation and exchange. Reserve your tour and buy your tickets today.

Manifesta11 just launched our first ever Kickstarter campaign! Through your participation, we will be able to activate the artists' guildhall, the first guild for artists in Zurich - open to everybody. Founded on 16 March 2016 in conjunction with Manifesta 11 Zurich and active for the duration of the biennial, Zurich’s famous birthplace of Dada, the Cabaret Voltaire, will be converted into a venue for performance, now called Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire. From Wednesday to Saturday each week during the 100 days, artists and non-artists alike will be invited to do performances here together. Click here to see how you can get involved! 

We are also very pleased to announce that the campaign has been selected by the Art Basel Crowdfunding Initiative to be endorsed on the Art Basel curated page on Kickstarter. We have the next month to raise the 25,000 Swiss francs needed to realise the Manifesta 11 performance programme at Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire. Back our campaign to receive exclusive rewards such as Manifesta 11 tickets or a meeting with the guild president, Manuel Scheiwiller. For more information, visit Manifesta 11 or Art Basel’s curated page at

Invest your time and working for Manifesta 11 and become part of our team
We need your help! Our team could do with some extra hands and a local workforce to welcome all our national and international guests and keep an eye on the artworks this summer in Zurich. Why not join us as a volunteer? We have a range of tasks, little and large, that need fulfilling throughout the duration of Manifesta 11. You can decide how much time you want to invest and in what area you would like to invest your expertise. Volunteering will make your visit to Manifesta 11 all the more rewarding as in return for your help, we are offering season tickets, behind-the-scenes experience in an dynamic interesting international working environment, artistic connections, a letter of recommendation and other rewards.
Get in touch with us! You can let us know your preferred times, how much you would like to work and where your main interests lie. Our volunteer coordinator Lukas Egetemayer will draw up a customised proposal for your time as a volunteer. We look forward to working with you this summer!