Parallel Events

Each edition of Manifesta is accompanied by Parallel Events. Their aim is to highlight various aspects of the local and regional art scenes and to create a dialogue between them and the main exhibition.The overall co-ordination and realisation of the selected projects is organised by the coordinator of the Parallel Events, Urs Steiner. The art projects covered by the Parallel Events are integrated into the communication strategy for the overall programme of Manifesta 11.

Parallel Events has launched it’s own website with detailed information about the programme. Please be aware, that most Institutions don’t charge any entry to the Parallel Events. Those institutions that do charge entry, will have special conditions for visitors with Manifesta 11 tickets. These conditions are communicated on the Parallel Events webpage.

In August 2015, following a public call for proposals, Manifesta 11 received more than 300 applications, from all artistic disciplines and forms of expression, to participate in the programme of Parallel Events. The central premise of the call for proposals was that the individual projects address the subject matter of the motto of Manifesta 11 «What People Do For Money». A jury, composed of Hedwig Fijen (Director M11), Christian Jankowski (Curator M11), Natalia Huser (General Coordinator M11), Barbara Basting (Director Visual Arts City of Zurich), Anna Bürgi (Director of Dance City of Zurich) and Tobias Brenk (Dramatic Advisor for Theatre and Dance, Kaserne Basel, Member of the Dance Commission of the City of Zurich), selected the projects, which will be realised alongside Manifesta 11 in the summer of 2016.

Projects in Zürich

Actual Space Group *
Zurich Actual Spaces

Experimentelle Stadtführung / Experimental city tour 

Angelo Romano, Linda Jensen (Counter Space) **
Sourcing Manifesta
Ausstellung / Exhibition 

Barbara Weber, Haiko Pfost * 

Installation, Performance

Daniel Hellmann (Tanzhaus Zürich, Réunion) **
Full Service I Lab

Dorothee Richter, Eleonora Stassi, Tanja Trampe * 
OnCurating | Issue: Work, Migration, Memes and Personal Geopolitics

Publikation, Diskussion / Publication, debate

DZG Verein Die Zürcher Galerien ** 

Ausstellung / Exhibition 

Florence Jung *


Georg Keller, Michael Bieler, Mirjam Varadinis ** 
High/Low Energy


Johann Jacobs Museum **
Gonzalo Díaz – Terras do sem fim
Zheng Mahler – Mutual Aid

Ausstellung / Exhibition 

Jürgen Krusche (ZHdK), Diana Frei (Surprise Strassenmagazin) & Surprise-Verkaufende *

Publikation / Publication

Karin Heberlein, Annette Carle (Pixibar) *
Ganz Ohr im Tram – 4
Audio-Führer / Audio guide

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum (KiöR), Stadt Zürich **
Gasträume 2016

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum / Public art

Kunsthaus Zürich **
Francis Picabia – Eine Retrospektive

Ausstellung / Exhibition 

Martin Schick, Agustina Struengmann, Marisa König Beatty *
HNC / agency for the new contemporary


Museum für Gestaltung Zürich **
Targets – Fotografien von Herlinde Koelbl 

Ausstellung / Exhibition

Museum Haus Konstruktiv ** 
Um die Ecke denken: Die Sammlung Museum Haus Konstruktiv (1986-2016) und Gastinterventionen

Ausstellung / Exhibition 

Nele Dechmann, Nicola Ruffo (Kunstverein Zürich), Fabian Jaggi, Katrin Murbach (Ortreport) *
How to Waste Time
Performance-Plattform / Performance platform 

Palais de Tokyo / ACRUSH AG **
Your memories are our Future

Ausstellung / Exhibition 

Schweizerisches Institut für Kunstwissenschaft (SIK-ISEA) **
Cash and the Canon – During, After and Beyond Artistic Production

Diskussion / Debate 

Simon Heusser *
Paradise Retreat

Installation, Performance

Slow Spicy Curatorial Practice *
Donate to Curate – What People do for less or no Money 
Soziale Plastik / Social sculpture 

Theater Neumarkt **
Talking Straight: Entertainment
Rainald Grebe: Dada Berlin


Universität Zürich **

Ausstellung, Veranstaltung / Exhibition, event 

Übersetzerhaus Looren *
Schreibtische: Übersetzer in Kiew und Zürich
Fotografieausstellung, Veranstaltung / Photo exhibition, Event 

Vera Ryser, Sally Schonfeldt – Les Complices* * 
Wir fordern! Eine Recherche zum «Manifest ausländischer Frauen» von 1975

Ausstellung / Exhibition 

Verein “Foto-Ernst” *
“Foto-Ernst” – Haus der analogen Kunst

Fotografie / Photography 

Verein Stützlibar *

Soziales Experiment / Social experiment 

Verein Zitrone *

Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich **
Von alten Schuhen leben – Strassenhändler in Tansania als Experten der Stadt

Ausstellung / Exhibition

Wrongbrothers Inc. – P. Hari, C.E. Meier * 
ISS HOPE / Galley & Host Lab

Seismograph, Raumstation / Seismograph, space station

Zurich Art Space Guide **