Auction House Sermon

Christian Jankowski as an artist very often collaborates with non-art professionals in his works. The Audience Development Projects were designed to experiment and reach out to communities, which are untypical audiences for contemporary art, such as religious people and sports lovers.

What happened: The annual Christie's auction house in Zurich 2016 transformed into a sermon, which brought together more than 200 people: art collectors and religious communities. The sermon was led by Niklaus Peter, pastor of the Fraumünster church, one of the most important in Zurich. During the sermon he preached about the values of art and the values of practicing a profession, and gave blessing for a successful Manifesta 11 one week before the opening.

Date: 30 May 2016 // Place: Kunsthaus Zurich

18 362 people participated
in the Manifesta 11
Education programme

The Education and Mediation programme is generously 
supported by Engagement Migros, Initiating Partner of Manifesta 11.