Manifesta 11 Museum Run

Saturday, July 16, 2016 - 11:00
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The Museum Run is led by Swiss athlete Dave Dollé and will see both (un)professional sports people and art lovers alike engaging in a 3.4km fun run in and out of the Manifesta 11 main venues.  

Whoever feels up for the challenge is welcome to join Dave Dollé for the museum run, which will start at Löwenbräukunst on route to the Pavillon of Reflections via Cabaret Voltaire and Helmhaus. Participants will jog through the main exhibition venues and finish at the Pavillon of Reflections for a cool down stretch instructed by Dollé. Inside or outside each venue, Dave Dollé will respond to Manifesta 11 artworks and use it as inspiration for body-related exercises. 

After the run all participants are invited to relax or have a swim at the Pavillon of Reflections (free of charge for Museum Run participants). 

Instructions for participants 
Please sign up


Meet at 10:50 at Löwenbräukunst near Manifesta 11 ticketing booth (located on the back ramp) on Saturday 16 July 2016.
Wear comfortable/sporty clothing
There will be no cloak room so please be prepared to run with your belongings 

Dave Dollé Biography
Swiss athlete David Michael Dollé, was born in Pasadena, California and has run in numerous competitions, taking the 1995 Swiss record in the 100 - meter sprint. For five years (2002 to 2007) he was a self-employed personal wellness trainer before opening davedollé pure training gmbh fitness studio in Zumikon in 2007.