Negotiating Space. Art and Dissent - Summer School 2016, Zürich, 25.07.–5.08.16. 

Switzerland provides a rich research culture around the themes of art education and mediation as well as many museums, galleries and festivals. (Dis)Assembly is a project which brings together practitioners in the field of gallery education, art mediation and socially engaged projects: curators, educators, artists and ambassadors from all over Switzerland. We invite participants to gather in Zurich once a month, starting in November 2015 until September 2016, to present, analyse and discuss what we are working on within our roles, what exactly it is that we want to achieve, what we are dreaming about and which methods we are using. Also the group will have a close look at the things we dislike in our practice and the reasons to why we are still working in the field. The aim of the project is not only to reflect on the practice but also to develop new mediation tools and find new approaches for engaging our audiences.

The content of each session is proposed and moderated by different members of the group based on their interests, needs and the issues arising from their practice.

(Dis)Assembly participants:
Alena Nawrotzki
Alice Malinge
Annika Hossain
Camille Peiry
Carloline Nicod
Chantal Kaufmann
Cynthia Gavranic
Daniel Morgenthaler
Judith Welter
Julia Moritz
Katharina Morawek
San Keller
Sanja Lukanovic 

Alexandra Catana Tucknott
Camilla Franz
Ladina Gerber
Yana Klichuk
David Smeulders
Heiko Schmid
Corinna Holbein

  • At Manifesta, “meeting point” usually refers to the exact place where the mediation starts. Visitors meet their art mediator, and a one-and-a-half-hour journey begins.

18 362 people participated
in the Manifesta 11
Education programme

The Education and Mediation programme is generously 
supported by Engagement Migros, Initiating Partner of Manifesta 11.