Education Blog

The Education Blog is a platform, which documents Manifesta 11 in the form of essays, reviews, interviews, cartoons and films from different positions and experiences, and illuminates the Biennale from various angles. The authors are predominantly Manifesta 11 mediators as well as guest contributors from the art scene of Zurich. Manifesta 11 mediator Aurélie Pittori edits the contributions on the blog.

  • Mittagspause at Josefswiese, June 2016

    At the end of June, two technical apprentices from the SBB, a lawyer, a student, two consultants and one Interaction-Designer, just to name a few, sat along a table full of fruits, cakes and questions.

  • A friend of mine recommended a storyteller session and I thought this is a great way to get to know one specific artwork from another perspective. The artwork caught my interest mainly because of its topic.

  • When it comes to contemporary art, as an art historian I always prefer works that are seemingly simplistic but prove to be very complex.

  • Reto Mauchle, Manifesta 11 Storyteller ©  Manifesta 11

    What was your first reaction when Manifesta contacted you? 

  • The art detective Alessio Meier and Stella Müller during the workshop at LIPSCHULE Zürich, 14 March 2016 © Manifesta 11

    What happens when artists team up with professionals? That’s what Manifesta 11 curator Christian Jankowski wanted his “art detectives” to find out.

  • Eelke van Koot, Kunstvermittler an der Manifesta 11 © Manifesta 11

    Coming down from the stage and talking with the audience about the work of art – that is what I would like to do during Manifesta 11.