Education and Mediation

At Manifesta 11, we consider education to be an experience of mutual learning. We invite people regardless of their age, experience and knowledge of contemporary art to take part in the conversation that will help us gain a better understanding of contemporary art and the role that it can play within society. In every Manifesta edition within each new host city, we research our future audiences locally and nationally and devise a tailor-made programme of projects and events for wide audiences, various large social groups, small communities and individual visitors. Alongside formal education, we also set up situations for informal learning.
Our workshops in schools, series of talks in universities and high schools; and public discussions are followed by various mediation programmes. Mediation denies the “pre-existence” of knowledge or meaning, but also stimulates participants to come up with their own opinion and interpretation of art.



18 362 people participated
in the Manifesta 11
Education programme

The Education and Mediation programme is generously 
supported by Engagement Migros, Initiating Partner of Manifesta 11.