Manifesta 11 Storytellers

  • Alexander, real estate development manager about the artwork of Jorinde Voigt

  • Brigitte, volunteer about the artwork of Evgeny Antufiev

  • Dina, teacher about the artwork of Teresa Margolles

  • Syrian professionals about the artwork of Matyáš Chochola

  • Luca, carpenter about the artwork of Una Szeemann

  • Mathieu, private banker about the artwork of Andrea Éva Györi

  • Reto, social worker about the artwork of Asli Çavuşoğlu

  • Johannes, 3-D web designer about the artwork of Maurizio Cattelan

  • Yasemin, seamstress about the artwork of Guillaume Bijl

The storytellers project engaged socially and culturally diverse individuals with different professional backgrounds from the city of Zurich. The project enabled these individuals to relate, comment and interpret the artistic projects of Manifesta 11. The participants came from various working fields and included  a banker, a social worker, a carpenter amongst others. Through different mediation sessions we trained them to become a Manifesta 11 Storyteller. Most of the Storytellers had no academic background or previous interest in contemporary art. 

The goal of this project was to show that contemporary art can be accessible to everyone, even with no ‘pre-existing’ knowledge about contemporary art. The stories told were always shaped by the professional and personal life of the storyteller. Their personal perspectives on the Manifesta 11 artworks were collected in an audio guide and presented during weekly discussions called a ‘storytelling focus’. The storytelling focus was a one-hour dialogue about the favorite Manifesta 11 artwork of the storyteller. During this focus we not only created a dialogue between the storyteller and the artwork but also a dialogue within the group, which existed of general Manifesta 11 visitors and the personal community of the storyteller. This project showed that contemporary art can tell the stories of our everyday lives.

18 362 people participated
in the Manifesta 11
Education programme

The Education and Mediation programme is generously 
supported by Engagement Migros, Initiating Partner of Manifesta 11.