Xunzhi, Yin

Yin Xunzhi in his studio © the artist

* 1968, China. Lives and works in Shenzhen, China.

Host name(s): 
Délia Eberle
Host profession(s): 
Flight attendant, Helvetic Airways

Western art historiography still clings to notions of originality and authorship. Yin Xunzhi comes from a different artistic tradition, in which tech- nical skill and the ability to create perfect imitations are sometimes more important. The Chinese painter is a master of copying iconic works from the Western canon of art history. But he is motivated to work as an artist in the Western sense, developing new ideas based on inspiration, exchange and his unique ability. For Manifesta 11, Yin Xunzhi has painted among others a diptych: one part of the diptych is depicting a flight attendant as she travels from Zurich to Beijing, and the other part is based on his own journey from smog-filled Beijing to his stereotypical idealisation of Zurich – clean, friendly and bountiful.

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