Rødland, Torbjørn

Torbjørn Rødland and Dr. med. dent. Danielle Heller Fontana © Manifesta 11

1970, Stavanger, Norway. Lives and works in Los Angeles and Oslo.

Host name(s): 
Dr. med. dent. Danielle Heller Fontana
Host profession(s): 
Dentist, Heller Kübler Truninger Zahnärzte

In their work, Torbjørn Rødland and Danielle Heller Fontana are both concerned with the aesthetics of the human body. While Zurich’s highly regarded dentist aspires to create perfect smiles through precision and technical expertise, Rødland’s project is occupied with uncanny associations with teeth. His access to dental examinations and implant production resulted in the photographs now on display both in the host's office and in Löwenbräukunst. Rather than capturing a dentist’s pragmatic viewpoint, they inspect teeth as a symbol for intuitive fears and irrational anxieties.

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