Rafman, Jon

 Jon Rafman and Oscar Trott, Spa founder & manager, float Center Zürich © Manifesta 11  

* 1981, Montreal, Canada. Lives and works in Montreal.

Host name(s): 
Oscar Trott
Host profession(s): 
Spa founder & manager, float Center Zürich

Jon Rafman draws a parallel between spa facilities and the virtual world of gaming. His video installation in float Center Zürich takes the form of an immersive pod inspired by spa architecture and DIY gaming set-ups. Unlike the surrounding flotation tanks, which promise complete relaxation of body and mind through sensory deprivation, here the visitor is consumed by lush and often disturbing imagery sourced from video games. In many ways these installations can be seen to promote a sense of contemplative ill-ease rather than well-being. Sculptures in Löwenbräukunst extend this vision, blurring the lines between the virtual and the real, between consumption and discomfort. 

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