Győri, Andrea Éva

Andrea Éva Győri with Dr. phil. Dania Schiftan, psychotherapist and sex therapist  © Manifesta 11

* 1985, Budapest
, Hungary. Lives and works in Stuttgart.

Host name(s): 
Maggie Tapert | Dr. phil. Dania Schiftan
Host profession(s): 
Sex educator, Wings of Joy | Specialist psychologist in clinical sexology, Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Sexologie und Medizin

The relation between female orgasm and the fantasies behind masturbation are the focus of Andrea Éva Győri’s project. She took part in a practical course run by Dr. Schiftan, which works on both the physical and psychological levels of achieving orgasm. In private sessions in Zurich, Győri drew women in their bedrooms while they satisfied themselves. On show in Löwenbräukunst and Risqué are the masturbation portraits, followed by a depiction of the women’s fantasies. Győri has also documented her own tutorial-lessons in smaller drawings. Added to these is the psychologist’s professional commentary.

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