Garcia Torres, Mario

Mario García Torres et Eelke Thomas van Koot, Chanteur d’opéra © Manifesta 11

* 1975, Monclova, Mexico. Lives and works in Mexico City.

Host profession(s): 
Opera singer
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Mario García Torres has written a libretto specifically for Christoph Homberger, a retired operatic tenor. Its title is an ode to an essay by Richard Wagner, which the composer wrote in Zurich in 1850. Left unsung, with no melodious future, the essay-opera speaks to a desire for deliverance while making a case for societal collapse among the unfolding uncertainties of these crisis-ridden times. A humming accompaniment to the libretto, which allows the tenor’s voice to be imagined, is presented at Löwenbräukunst and broadcast on GDS.FM on certain days during Manifesta 11. 
Dates: 12.6.16, 11.00 21.7.16, 24.00 1.8.16, 14.00 

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