Bijl, Guillaume

Guillaume Bijl and Jacqueline Meier, Dogstylistin at Hundesalon Dolly © Manifesta 11

* 1946, Antwerp, Belgium. Lives and works in Antwerp. 

Host name(s): 
Jacqueline Meier
Host profession(s): 
Dog stylist

During Manifesta 11, Guillaume Bijl is transforming a gallery, Grieder Contemporary, into a dog salon. The work is the latest in the series of what Bijl calls ‘transformation installations’, which he has produced since the 1970s, when he issued a manifesto calling for the abolition of art centres. Since then he has transformed many galleries into utilitarian spaces offering ‘socially relevant’ services, such as a driving school, a casino or a nuclear bunker. Dog Salon Bobby extends this thinking into new territory. One day a week, dog stylist Jacqueline Meier can be found at work in the temporary salon.

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