Art without Artists

Mark Leckey, Degradations, 2015, Digital animation, colour, 3 minutes 21 seconds, looped. Courtesy the artist and Cabinet, London

Art without Artists includes works from: Mark Leckey (UK), James Roberts (USA), Thomas Ruff (DE), Vágner, Jan (CZ)

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Art without Artists
What is art without the artist? What is art if it slips beyond the confines of a traditional art setting? These works question our understanding of creation. They question artists’ ability to carry out their work and – when art turns cannibalistic – to control it. They introduce new paradigms of creation presented by technology, such as the psychedelic interpretation of art by Google Deep Dream software. Can artificial intelligence ever equal the artist’s mind? Art is immersed in networks of travelling ideas, references and memes, sometimes propelling the creation of an art object or moment without needing an artist’s input. 

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